Utah Rock Climbing in Moab

Moab: the outdoor adventure mecca. A place full of desert landscape, amazing sandstone formations, jaw dropping views that stretch for miles, and lots of good climbing. This climbing hot spot will have you hooked and wanting more before we can say “on belay!”. Scared you don’t know enough about climbing to take on Moab? Never fear! Our guides will start with the basics and advance each day as we work our way to the final day multi pitch. So chalk up those hands, tighten those harnesses, and lace up those shoes because we’re climbing. Climb on! 
Day-to-Day Itinerary:
Day 1 - Today the start of an epic week begins! We will start the day by meeting in Salt Lake City. Then we will pack up and head to Moab to get some good rest in a hotel before heading out for the week. 
Day 2 - It’s climb time! After making our way to the campsite, the morning will start with an intro to climbing at Potash Road. We will go over the basics of climbing and start getting up some of the walls. After a few hours of climbing (and lunch of course) we will head to Arches National Park to explore some of the amazing rock formations and sights within the park. 
Day 3 - Today we will continue advancing our climbing skills in preparation for tomorrow.  We will head to the Ice Cream Parlor area to work on our crack climbing, sandstone skills, and learn mulit pitch techniques. By the end of the day we should feel excited and ready to take on tomorrow. But, the day isn’t over yet, we will spend the afternoon exploring Canyonland National park and all it has to offer! Then it is back to the campsite to rest up for tomorrow’s big climb!
Day 4 - It’s finally here! It’s multi pitch day! We will have an early start time to make sure we have plenty of time to climb. Then we will head to Ancient Art to begin the climb! Soon we will all have the opportunity to stand high above the ground after climbing multiple pitches to get there. What an accomplishment that will be!
Day 5 - After a few days of climbing and exploring it will be bittersweet to say goodbye to Moab. However, with the memories and feelings of accomplishment we must pack up the vans and head to Salt Lake City to say adios until next time.