Pathfinders Club

A Pathfinder is a leader. The root “lea” = path and “der” = to find.

By making a three-year commitment to give $5,000 or more each year (just $416 per month), Pathfinders lead the way by empowering underserved youth to become leaders through mentoring and outdoor adventure. The Explorer Program is a six-year journey from 6th - 12th grade, which includes nine Saturday Challenges and a Summer Wilderness Trip each year. Each Explorer will spend more than 1,300 hours during the program as part of a team with their Mentors and other Explorers, creating life-long changes in character, integrity, courage, and resilience - all skills necessary to succeed in life.

Pathfinder Impact

  • $10,000 Sponsors an entire year of Saturday Challenges for one team of Explorers
  • $5,000 Sponsors a week long Summer Wildnerness Trip for one team of Explorers