Community Wilderness Trip FAQs

Pre-Trip Questions
Q: What is a Community Wilderness Trip?
A: The Community Wilderness trips are fundraising trips for Explore Austin. Ever wanted to go on an Explore Austin trip? Or just want to try a new adventure but don’t have the know how? This is what our Community Wilderness trips are for. Help support this Explore Austin while going on an adventure of your own!
Q: Who can go on these trips?
A: Anyone can go on trip, we will customize your trip to the group needs. Some trips may not be appropriate for all ages, check with us if you have questions.  
Q: How much training do I need to do?
A: This is a personal question that depends upon personal athleticism, endurance, and fitness. All trips will be challenge by choice. You don’t need to be a pro athlete, but we do suggest having a general level of fitness though. 
Q: I’ve never done this activity before, can I still come?
A: Yes! In fact we love that you are wanting to learn a new adventure skill! All of our trips our geared towards all levels of expertise. If you’re a beginner we will have start from the beginning and teach you the basics, building your knowledge each day. Are you intermediate in the activity? We’ll have plenty of challenges for you plus a chance to expand your skills. Already at the advance level? We will have plenty of new challenges for you to try! All levels are welcomed. 
Q: How much gear do I need?
A: Don’t have any gear? No sweat, we’ve got all the gear you need. From sleeping bags and tents to whatever gear you need for the activity we’ve got you covered. All you will need to worry about is personal clothes and anything extra you might like to bring with you. As always feel free to ask for specifics! 
Q: Can I bring my own gear if I have it?
A: Yes, of course! If you have gear in good condition that you would like to use feel free to bring it on the trip. 
Q: How much stuff can I bring with me?
A: You don’t need much when you are out in the backcountry! We suggest bringing just one large duffel and a small carry on. Check each trips packing list to see what all you should pack! 
Q: Who will be leading these trips?
A: Your trip will be led by trained Explore Austin guides. They love what they do and are excited to have you join them on this adventure. They’ll teach you all you need to know and make sure you’re having fun as well! Want to learn more about our trip leaders? Check out who they are here. 
Q: Can I meet/be in contact with the trip leader before the trip?
A: Yes. You will know who your trip leaders will be 30 days prior to going on your trip. Then, feel free to contact them with any questions you may have. 
Q: I want to go on a trip with just my family/friends. Can we do that?
A: Of course! We would love for your family/friends to join us on a trip. Just let us know what trip you are interested in and we can customize it for your group!
Trip Logistics
Q: How do I get to the starting point/back home?
A: Depending on the trip you can drive with us or fly into the closest airport and we will meet you there. If you are interested in getting to a certain trip just let us know and we will help you find the best transportation option for you! 
Q: When and where do I need to arrive?
A: We will pick you up at the airport specified for you trip the morning the trip begins. We will be in communication with you about these times for each trip. 
Q: Where will we be sleeping?
A: Some of the nights we will be sleeping in hotels. The rest of the nights, when we are in the backcountry we will be sleeping in tents (provided for you). 
Q: What will we eat on the trips? I’m a vegetarian/vegan/gluten free, will I starve? 
A: No! You will not starve. We will be eating delicious camping food provided for you by the guides. Have an dietary restriction or allergy? No worries, just let us know when you sign up and we will gladly accommodate for your eating needs! 
Q: What’s the cost for each trip?
A: The cost varies depending on the trip. Check the website or contact us for more details. 
Q: What is included in the price of the trip? 
A: The cost of the trip will include meals, gear, transportation to start trailhead (and back), lodging, knowledgeable and experienced guides, and lasting memories! The price of each trip also goes directly to support Explore Austin. 
Q: How much should I expect to spend on the trip?
A: Since all the meals and lodging is already covered you shouldn’t expect to spend a lot. If you want souvenirs or extra snacks then you’ll want to bring a little extra cash besides that you should be set!  

Q: Is the trip tax deductible? 
A: Yes, part of each trip is tax deductible! It varies depending on the trip so contact us for more details and information. 
Q: Where does the money from these trips go?
A: The money from this trip goes to cover the cost of the trip and more importantly support Explore Austin. By going on this trip you will be helping Explore Austin change lives of Austin youth through mentoring and adventure.