Colorado Mountain Biking in South Park

They say even a bad day on a mountain bike is better than a good day at the office. Just imagine the experience you will have with five great days on a mountain bike! This trip will take you from the home town of South Park, Fairplay, CO to the rafting town of Buena Vista, CO. Ride up, down, and through the mountains of Colorado. Experience the thrill of pine scented air rushing by as you blast down a forest trail. Or appreciate the breathtaking views at the top of a mountain pass after sucking air for miles as you climbed. Whether you are an experienced mountain biker or have never touched a mountain bike before this trip has something for every level. So take a break from the office, hop on a bike, and let’s ride!
Day-to-Day Itinerary:
Day 1 -  Today the adventure begins. After arriving in Denver we will load up the van and head to camp, just outside of Fairplay. Beaver Creek is a scenic campsite and the perfect spot to meet the trip leaders, group, and go over the plan for the week! 
Day 2 -  Beaver Creek to Horseshoe campground [16 miles] Rise and shine, it’s bike time! Today we hit the trails. After a nice, fast downhill into Fairplay we will cross the river and continue on for the first 16 miles of our journey. A little rusty on the bike? Never fear we will go over all the bike basics before we head out. 
Day 3 - Horseshoe campground to Weston Pass campground [18 miles] Today is the big riding day! We will experience some fast downhills and some long uphills, all perfect for testing your mountain bike skills! At the end of the day, as we finish the last uphill, we will rest underneath a forest of pine trees next to a mountain stream at Weston Pass campground. 
Day 4 - Weston Pass campground to camp along Salt Creek Road [14 miles] Today we hit some epic single track. We will go through aspen groves and mountainous valley. We will go up. We will go down. We will hop over rocks and go through valleys. It will be a picture perfect day. 
Day 5 - Salt Creek Road to sites along Midland Trail section [14 miles] Do you have a favorite place to camp? Well that just might change after today. Today has a few fun times to test how your riding skills are improving including a fast downhill and a rock garden. After the ride you will find yourself at camp, looking over the town of Buena Vista and staring a few of Colorado’s grand 14er mountains in the face. 
Day 6 - Midland Trail section to KOA in Buena Vista [8 miles] Congratulations, after a quick and fun single track section you have completed your great mountain bike adventure! It’s time to relax and pack up to head for home to tell all of your journey.