Colorado Ice Climbing in Ouray

Hi-Ho! Hi-Ho! It’s off to climb ice we go! February in Austin can be harsh, okay, okay, maybe that’s a bit of a stretch. However, haven’t you ever wanted to experience a taste of real winter? Haven’t you ever felt the desire to trade in your climbing shoes for crampons and your chalk bag for ice axes? This is your chance! Join us as we travel up north for the winter to test our skills at ice climbing. Never ice climbed before? Never fear, we will teach you everything you need to know to get you climbing up the walls. So grab your jackets and ear muffs for a winter adventure in the stunning mountain state of Colorado!   
Day-to-Day Itinerary:
Day 1 - We rendezvous in Durango to begin our trip, you can fly directly into Durango or we can pick you up mid day in Albq, the adventure begins today! The group will convene at Durango hotel meet up with the trip leaders. Gear will be distributed and if time allows you will take a hike to explore the area! Then it is time to have a beer and hit the hay to rest up for the days to come. 
Day 2 - Rise and shine it’s ice climbing time! A short drive from out hotel in Durango straight to the ice park in Ouray. The morning will start with learning the basic skills of ice climbing (general body position, ice axe movement, foot placement, etc.) at the Kid’s wall. Then after lunch it will be off to try out your new learned skills on the School Room Area. After an afternoon of getting the basics down we will head back to camp to rest up for tomorrow. 
Day 3 - Today you will continue to advance your ice climbing knowledge. The morning will begin with a refresher of what was learned yesterday and then begin to build upon these skills. We will then continue climbing on School Room area and move onto Grad School Area. Then we will head back to the campsite, grab our swimsuits and let our bodies relax in the local Ouray hot springs. 
Day 4 - It’s the last day to hit up the ice park and get some climbs in. Therefore, after packing up camp, we will waste no time getting on the ice. We will hit up New Funtier and Grad School Wall. Then, after everyone is pumped out, or the time is up we return to Durango for the night. Stay in hotel.
Day 5 - With your head full of all the new ice climbing knowledge and your heart full of all the ice climbing experience it is time to head back home! Fly early from Durango or mid afternoon from Albq.