For Mentors: 2016 Summer Wilderness Trip Surveys

Based on Explorer SWT surveys, our Mentors really shined this summer. “I trust my Mentor” was the highest rated question (9.4 out of 10) with “I loved my SWT experience” a close second (9.1/10). Four out of five Mentors (80%) completed a SWT survey which gave us twice as many responses as ever before. To our great satisfaction, the highest rated categories among Mentors was the “Overall Experience” question (9.3/10) and the “Explore Austin Staff” question (9.4). 
That being said, there were still as many lessons learned, as there were miles traveled. Even a 9.3 Overall Satisfaction rating from Mentors highlights that we still have work to do in fulfilling our promise to Connect, Equip, and Inspire Mentors to change lives! The “SWT Food” category was rated 7.6/10, and so we’ve already started to reevaluate our menus and review food options for next year’s trips. Additionally, we heard many constructive comments about expectation setting and the need for more clarity of roles and responsibilities of everyone on the trips. These were all VERY helpful and as a result, we began a dialogue with the Lead Mentors last week about what we can do to better. You’ll be hearing more about what came out of that meeting and other important  discussion in the coming months. 
One Explorer survey response jumped out at us. The Explorers responded to “I was emotionally challenged on my SWT” with a 6.7/10. We are not sure if they think these trips are a breeze emotionally or if they don’t understand the question. We may reword the question or ask you to help them understand it better before asking again next year. Additionally, your Explorers might be hungry for more emotional challenges that include Self-Leadership and taking care of themselves. After they can wake themselves, feed themselves, take care of their personal selves, pack themselves up, get themselves from A to B, shelter themselves and all as expected and on time... then they may begin the next level emotional challenge of leading and serving their teammates. Being Action-Oriented to lead and care for yourself is the starting point of the ACES lifestyle and they have few better models or heroes than you, their Mentor. 
For those of you who want a closer look, you can find all Mentor survey data and responses HERE and all Explorer survey data and responses HERE
Thank you again for telling us your thoughts and how we might make the experience better and better each and every year. Of course, we couldn't' do it without you, so on behalf of all those who will come after you and benefit, Thank you!