2019 KAC Girls Surprise Mentor With Baby Shower

A few weekends ago the 2019 KAC girls Explorer team surprised one of their Mentors with a baby shower. Their Mentor, Anita Robertson, was blown away by the planning, time, and thoughtfulness her Explorers put into throwing the shower for her. Due to the pregnancy, Anita will not be able to attend her team’s Summer Wilderness Trip mountain biking in Colorado. When the girls found out she would not be attending, they immediately started planning the surprise baby shower. In her own words, Anita reflects on her time as a Mentor and the surprise her team recently made:

As a Mentor, I decided to make the time to be a part of 15 girls' lives. I hoped that with time, I could be there for them if and when they needed advice or someone to talk to. Watching them grow up has been incredible and such a blessing. They have taught me a lot, including how to use Instagram and other pop culture things that I am behind on.  

As I have always encouraged them to become leaders and take initiative for the things they want to do in life (sleepovers, movie days, visiting different professions they are interested in the summer, etc.) I didn't expect them to organize themselves and do something so kind and thoughtful for me. The time, thought, and money they put into this event is incredible. I am so thankful that I am a part of the 2019 Girls’ team and that we are still able to connect despite me not being able to go on two Saturday Challenges and the Summer Wilderness Trip (SWT) this year. I am also thankful that my child will have so much love from Explorers and their parents.  My pregnancy has sparked a lot of conversations with the girls about starting families, life goals, and the strange things that happen to a pregnant woman. It came at a perfect time in their lives as their 15th year marks 'womanhood' in their culture.  
I am excited to continue to support and love on these young women and am so appreciative of how thoughtful and excited they are about being part of my life change too.