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Summer Wilderness Trip Story: Conquering Fears in Year One

On the first night of our trip, we did a small zip line. One of our explorers, Luis, looked skeptical as we started to put on our harnesses and helmets. He was afraid of heights and wasn't nearly as excited as his teammates to tackle this obstacle. We explained that all of our challenges in Explore Austin were challenges by choice.

Summer Wilderness Trip Story: Explore Austin CEO

Every year Explore Austin CEO, Mike Braeuer, travels with a team of Explorers on a week-long Summer Wilderness Trip. Mike believes that going on trips helps keep him more connected to the Explore Austin mission, even if that means riding 70 intense miles on a mountain bike in the summer heat. See below for Mike’s story about his 2016 trip in his own words. 

2016 Summer Wilderness Trip Story: Climbing To Success

Karen pounded her fist against the gritty rock wall in frustration as she lost her footing on a hold and swung backward and forward on the rope like a pendulum. “It’s okay, Karen, you’ve got this!” I called up to the fourteen-year-old Explorer from below. It was Friday, the last morning of the KABP 2020 Girls’ Summer Wilderness rock climbing trip, and the New Mexican sun was hot and relentless.

2016 Summer Wilderness Trip Story: Who is Mentoring Who?

Sam Gammage joined Explore Austin as a Mentor to help change the lives of underserved youth and specifically the lives of the 2021 Austin Achieve boys. Little did he know he would encounter moments along his Mentor journey where his Explorers would return the favor. In his own words, Sam recounts his Explore Austin Story below:

New Mentor Feature: Caroline Hammond

Caroline Hammond is the Program Director for the Texas Cultural Trust, a statewide arts non-profit, advocating for the role of the arts in education. She leads the development of a technology intensive high school arts curriculum implemented in more than 250 schools across the state. The Trust also studies the impact of creative learning on student outcomes. The Trust is developing a grassroots campaign funded  by the Houston Endowment to research, district-by-district, the access Texas public school children currently have to arts education.  Previously, Caroline worked for the United States Department of Education in the Office of Postsecondary Education, for the Texas Legislature House  Higher Education Committee, and interned for the First Lady at the White House. Caroline, an Austin native, is a graduate of Pepperdine  University earning a BA in Art History and French. She is a member of the Junior League of Austin, a founding member of EngageATX, serves on the Austin Film Society INDIEpendents committee and the SXSWedu Advisory Board. Outside of work, Caroline is an avid cook, tennis player and considers herself to be a high functioning hippie. Caroline loves to hike, spend time at town lake, and walking in her neighborhood, Clarksville. Caroline became a mentor with Explore Austin to encourage girls to be brave, not perfect, and to live into the fullness of who they are meant to be. Caroline is still learning this herself.

 Explore Austin is excited to have Caroline on the Class of 2022 team and looks forward to the impact she will have in the lives of her Explorers! Click HERE to read about more of our awesome mentors! 

Intern Perspective: Finding happiness in those who surround you

Written by Trisha Seelig
Spring 2014 Program Intern

All of those present were in agreement; you just realize that we really don’t need as much as we have, even things as simple as taking an unnecessary amount of showers.

Sounds weird, gross, absurd, and bold, right? It’s enough to get you thinking. What if America doesn’t really know everything? What if we don’t do it best? What if we don’t have everything figured out? What if we’re wrong?

Amplify Austin 2014

There are so many things to love about our great city of Austin. Conscientious and community-driven, this city has retained its character despite reaching number 11 on the list of largest cities by population sizes in the U.S. We are also a modern city, doing our part to stay green so that future generations will have as beautiful a place to enjoy as we do now.


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