Arkansas Canoeing on the Buffalo River

“Row row row your boat gently down the stream. Occasionally hit a few rapids, this trip is like a dream” Paddling 40 miles while camping on the banks of the beautiful Buffalo river in Arkansas is quite the enjoyable experience. On this trip you will get to live out of a canoe, work on your paddling skills, go for a swim (or two), and experience the allure of one of America’s fly over states. Not a canoer? No worries, our Trip Leaders will teach you all the skills and knowledge you need to know to conquer this great water trip! So grab your swimsuit, sunscreen, and friends for Explore Austin’s Great Canoeing adventure.
Day-to-Day Itinerary:
Day 1 -  Austin to Tyler Bend Campground. Today we will depart for Arkansas to begin our adventure. The group will meet at the Explore Austin Warehouse in the early morning. After a brief introduction of the group and trip leaders the vans will load up and head north. We will arrive at the Tyler Bend Campground in the evening to set up camp and have the opening campfire! 
Day 2 -  Tyler Bend Campground to Dillards Ferry. [10 miles] Today we begin to paddle! After going over the basics of canoeing we will put in the buffalo and head downstream. After 4 miles we will pull off for lunch at Spring Creek where a cold spring fed creek pours into the Buffalo. After the lunch break we will continue on our way for another six miles. We will pull off at Dillards Ferry where we will set up camp on an island and enjoy an evening on the river.
Day 3 - Dillards Ferry to Rush Landing. [10 miles] Day 3 of the trip takes us less than 10 miles down the Buffalo. We begin the day at Dillards Ferry and continue down to Rush Landing. Since today is a short paddling day there is plenty of time to go on an afternoon hike and explore some of the inland beauty of Arkansas. Then it is time to rest up for tomorrow we have our big water day!
Day 4 - Rush Landing to Woodcock Bottom Island. [15 miles] Today is a big day! Not only will we be traveling 15 miles down the river today, but we will also be hitting rapids! First thing in the morning we will have Big Bottom rapid. Sound intimidating? Don’t worry, the group will scout the rapid before running it and the trip leaders will make sure to explain exactly what you’ll want to do! After everyone shoots through the rapids we will have lunch near to Horseshoe Bend and then continue on down to Woodcock Bottom Island. 
Day 5 - Woodcock Bottom Island to Tyler Bend Campground. [5 miles] Day 5 will find us waking up early to paddle on down to our take out spot at Cartney. We will have one last lunch along the banks of the river and then continue on down to finish by mid afternoon. After loading up the boats we will drive to Tyler Bend Campground to camp for one more night before the drive back tomorrow. 
Day 6 - Congratulations you have survived the week on the Buffalo! After a fun, adventure filled week I’m sure you’re exhausted so it is time to head back to Austin. We will load up the van and drive on home to get you back to tell your friends and family all your stories from the week!